These days’ musicians typically take one of two approaches to a recording project. They either do it themselves at home with little professional guidance or at a professional studio with an engineer who has very little understanding of who the artist is and how they actually sound on stage. While both approaches have their merits ultimately someone with experience needs to be the helm of the recording otherwise it suffers.

Since few artists are objective enough to self-produce and no motivation exists for a
staff engineer to spend the extra time outside the studio to help an artist flush out their musical problems, the music and the artist ultimately pay the price with a substandard product. It ends up sounding just like everything else littered throughout the Internet, a far cry from music in by-gone eras.

Dusk’s approach is quite different than those expressed above. He spends a good deal of time developing the artist outside the studio to be sure they can actually deliver a performance worthy of being recorded in the first place. Though this “developmental” approach requires artists to be patient and up to the challenge of being critically evaluated, the results end up being significantly better than if the artist went typical production routes.

If you are an artist who’s had lots of good recordings made of average performances you owe it to yourself to talk to Dusk. You’ll understand in minutes why he is a logical choice for making top shelf records when faced with the reality of tight budgets.

Awarded Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album 2007 "Rod Stewart--Stardust"