Photo Gallery

A rough week.

Dusk and Jenni Knight talking about the record business.

AA-K, Warren Sokol, Dusk, @ United Mastering.

Dive Mode!

Margarita, Dusk and Co. with Jack Costanza.

Dusk and Bill Dooley in mastering. Circa 2002.

Dusk and Good Luck Ugly taking a break.

Special thanks to Sean and David for the T-shirts...

Anyone know the way to Coruscant?

This better not blow up again...

That's alot of phase shift...

Experts agree, this mic does not exist...

It's not possible to have too much TriChorus.

Definitely NOT the King of Beers.

Stigmata Recorders - Torrance CA 2002.

6L6 with the Flu....

Dusk and the two John's at LMU 2009.

Church mic...BIH!

Dusk and Doug from Tactic at Exstasy Recorders in 2002.

5 Star G.E.'s sound better...

Given loading out after a week long session in L.A. 2007.

Given tracking session.

Studio West - Rancho Bernardo

Stigmata Margarita Sessions 2003. The studio closed 6 months later.

Malibu fires 2018 from Playa bluff.

#40 Daily Basis "Tomorrow Never Comes"